John says…

I am passionate about helping your body to work well for you.
You might need help with back pain, shoulder pain or feel that your body lets you down.

My aim is to improve your circulation, flow of energy and improved nutrition through blood flow.
I aim to achieve a balance between opposing muscles, treating the body as a holistic unit.”

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John uses a wide range of techniques to help restore your posture and make your life easier.

I can help with:

Back pain, shoulder and neck pain, trapped nerves including sciatica, migraine type headaches, vertigo, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis disorder or pelvic strains after miscarriage or road accidents. For babies and children we address birthing trauma, feeding or digestion, colic.

The Fifth Emergency Service

"After a year of pain and visiting numerous chiropractors and physios with no pain relief I was recommended John by a friend.
Since seeing him my condition has improved almost 100%"
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